Drew Nieman 2015 State of Ohio PHCC Contractor of the Year

A member of Cincinnati Master Plumbers since 1975, Drew has held the office of President twice and as a Director on the Board several times. His formula for success for over 40 years is to participate in all sectors of the market including light commercial and residential new construction as well as the service and repair industry. Drew’s motto that he puts into practice every day is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

He has been recognized for this honor for his commitment to the industry and his community with time and ability. Congratulations, Drew!

Brian Nieman PHCC Ohio President

Brian will serve as President of the Ohio PHCC for 2016. He is a past Zone Trustee and is lookingforward to keep growing membership and introduce the residential license bill. He is appreciative of the networking ability that comes from involvement within the organization and of pursuing relationships that he has formed with other members around the state. He recommends that all members take advantage of this opportunity to talk to people and get involved at the local level. It is an experience you will not regret. He is looking forward to this year of leadership and we wish him well.