First, I wanted to thank you both for the professionalism that has been displayed throughout the process from initial contact to job completion. I also wanted to provide you with some feedback on Nate who performed the moving two gas lines and the addition of a third gas line in our house. Nate showed up 15 minutes early for the job, which as a time conscious person I greatly appreciate.
Second he was very professional and courteous throughout the entire project in our home. When I asked Nate if we could add the third pipe to the project, he was helpful and came up with a plan to execute the task in an efficient and clean manner. This also meant that he got to stand in the rain cutting the additional pipe without complaint. 
Once again, I truly appreciate the level of customer service that has been provided and will not think twice the next time I require the need for plumbing services.
I want to thank you for all of the assistance you gave us during our long ordeal with the Health Department. I'll never forget all you did getting us connected with MSD.
It was sheer luck that we met an excellent contractor, AJ Nieman, who was familiar with our area. AJ guided us through the entire process from start to finish. We are eternally grateful to AJ and company. 
Lea P. Brown
Dear Nieman Owners,
This note is especially about Gene Koehler! What a great person he is. Nothing is too much for this man. He is very outgoing, has a Great personality, and explains everything in details. We had a lot of problems and Gene did a great job. Thank you for everything, Thank you Gene!
Gerda and Bruno Idselies
I just want to thank you and the whole crew who worked at my house, Rex, Scott and Ryan. They did a great job and I particularly appreciated the extra effort and work to patch the driveway; without exceeding the budgeted amount that I had.
I will recommend your company at both Beckfield College and the University of Cincinnati. If you have any e-mail flyers you can send me, I will be more than happy to distribute them.
Thank you!
Dr. Lawrence M. Anthony, LICDC
I recently received warranty service on a new Jacuzzi which was installed during construction of our home last year. Your service tech, Joe Geisler, coordinated and completed the repair. 
I just wanted to say that he was very professional and extremely pleasant to deal with. He also took the time to explain what he was doing, and thoroughly checked the operation of the tub before he left …. Something that obviously the installer (not your company) did not do!
You are lucky to have Joe on your staff. Employees drive the success of a company.
Thank you,
Deb Pierce
I just wanted to let you know that Eric came out yesterday to check the septic system. I didn't talk to him. He just looked around outside, but he didn't test anything from inside the house. If you want to go ahead and put us on your schedule to come out and take the cap off, that would be great! I'm guessing it doesn't matter if the letter says we passed or not at this point.
Also, I just wanted to let you know how great Brian, Gene and Rex (hopefully I remembered the right names) were. I was really impressed by how much they know, and how simply they explained things. They just made me feel like everything was going to be taken care of, and I didn't need to worry about anything. I was also so thankful for Gene and his calm approach for dealing with all of this craziness. It has been an insane year, and it was so nice to deal with someone competent and laid back who could stand there and tell me to take it one step at a time. 
Thank you too for having a great team who had the knowledge and insight to recognize what kind of system we have and come up with a plan to have a "permanent, removable" solution.
Thanks so much!
Sherri Enneking
I usually do not write a letter but I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with not only the quality of workmanship by your people but also their dedication.
They showed up on time (early actually) and started right away. They worked around what I specifically needed for the master bedroom vanity (removed pipes so I could set the new vanity in place before the new pipes were added). They received a damaged wall unit for the tub enclosure that might have pushed work into the following day. The unit finally arrived and he completed everything in one day! The drywall was repaired and sanded. It is ready to paint and looks great. He even asked if the cleanup was satisfactory.
I also wanted to point out that you took the time over the phone as I explained (ever so slowly) what I exactly needed. You provided a quote thru email and came out to my house once I was willing to proceed. You made it an easy project for us. I am sure you know the yellow pages are full of plumbers. Your team has made those pages look empty. In the future we know who to call for our plumbing needs. Thanks again for a job well done.
Pete and Julie Stearns
This is to tell you that I am very pleased with your plumbing work and especially to praise the work of the young man who did the plumbing. (I couldn't find his name on the invoice.)
His work was professional, experienced, and he left with everything neat and in good order. I can't say enough for that young man and, therefore, for the Nieman Plumbing Company.
Thank you for a good job!
Doris J. Tepker
Thank you again for cleaning out my septic tank and the pipes in the house. Now when I flush the toilet the water goes right down and fast. The back up in the pipes and septic tank must have been going on for years, but you fixed it. Now every 4 years I'm putting you on my house maintenance schedule. I am very pleased.
Thank you, Thank you!
Doris Welz
Our new septic system, Enviro Guard, has passed final inspection with the Hamilton County Board of Health on December 15, 2010. We like to express our sincere appreciation to you and your assigned crew for a job well done and in adverse cold weather conditions. 
Special thanks and appreciation to:
Mr. Gary Ruehlman
Mr. Brian Chaney
Mr. Gene Koehler
Mr. Brian Moeves
This crew was very professional, competent and worked very hard despite the bitter cold and snow putting this mini-sewer treatment plant in out back yard. We will recommend Nieman Plumbing to those who need replacement septic systems.
Very sincerely,
Michael L. McBride