Battery Powered Sump Pumps

Nieman Plumbing helps keep your basement dry

Nieman Plumbing’s sump pump solutions are your hedge against the damage and devastation of a flooded basement. Installed in a pit below grade, a sump pump can also protect your foundation from the cracking and shifting that can occur with excess groundwater. Nieman offers your choice of battery backup or water-powered, which uses your home’s water pressure to operate, backup systems – each important in the event of power failure. Whichever sump pump you choose, Nieman has the experience in installation and service to help keep your basement feeling drier and less humid.

Blue Angel Sump Pumps

SUMP PUMPS are automatic pumps used to remove groundwater from sump pits. The most common application is to pump water from a pit located in the basement that collects groundwater from a perimeter drainage system designed to prevent basement flooding. Sump Pumps are the first point of basement protection. We have many varieties to choose from, which differ in construction materials, and performance specs. For complete basement protection, we highly recommend adding a Battery Back-Up system to your primary system as a second line of defense. The battery back up system will continue the protection even when the power is out. WAYNE Pumps has made it extremely easy to obtain this full system protection, by installing a complete, pre-assembled combination system which is pre-plumbed and drop-in ready for an effortless install.