Water Softener

Nieman Plumbing has the water softening solution that does more than take the minerals out of your water. Our system also takes the sting of high water bills out of your home budget! Easy on both your water appliances and the environment, Nieman’s EasyWater™ no-salt water conditioning system does not use or discharge salt or harmful chemicals and uses far less water to operate than many water softening systems. Nieman Plumbing’s EasyWater uses an electronic system that purifies the water without filters or chemicals. The EasyWater softener will not only improve the quality of your home’s water but save thousands of gallons of water a year.

The EasyWater™ Difference

  • Less expensive than a salt type water softener
  • More effective in eliminating hard water problems
  • No salt or harmful chemicals
  • No discharge into the environment
  • Beneficial to health and environment
  • Can reduce home water use by 6,240 gallons a year
  • Requires no plumbing
  • Takes up no floor space and fits anywhere
  • Maintenance-free
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

How EasyWater™ Works

Unlike salt-type water softeners, the EasyWater System creates a physical change to water without using salt, chemicals or filters. The EasyWater signal wire is wrapped around a copper, PVC or PEX pipe. Electronic frequencies (not actual electricity) pass through the pipe and cause molecular agitation in the water. As a result, the minerals lose their electrostatic charge and do not stick to piping, water heaters, and other water-using equipment. By eliminating salt or chemicals, EasyWater is safe to treat both the cold and hot water in a home, including the outdoor faucets. The system retains beneficial calcium and magnesium minerals in the water but prevents the minerals from forming deposits in water-using appliances.

NorthStar Water System

North Star Water Softener with “Look Ahead” Technology

The brains of the softener! Our patented programming monitors your water use and determines when a regeneration of the softener is needed. You use up to 60% less salt! The system learns your water use patterns and actually gets more efficient as it learns. “Look Ahead” also calculates the precise amount of salt and water to use to regenerate only the portion of the resin beads that have been used (depleted). This saves you salt and water and is why North Star softeners lead the industry in rated efficiencies.

Super Cap® Time Keeper

In the event of a loss of power, North Star water softeners maintain accurate time for up to 72 hours – without batteries. For longer power outages, only the current time needs to be re-entered, the system remembers the rest.

Environseal™ Circuitry Protection

North Star water softeners are securely sealed to protect circuitry from salt corrosion and high humidity so your water softener lasts longer.

No-Worry Setting
NorthStar Water Softener

No vacation setting is required. If you’re not using water, it does not regenerate. That saves salt and water 

Counter-Current Regeneration

North Star pioneered this method, drawing brine water into the bottom of our resin tanks, enhancing the regeneration process. This is the preferred method but practiced by only select manufactures.

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